The Top 4 Mistakes Couples Make When Opening Up Their Relationship (And How To Avoid Them)

Whether you call it polyamory, open marriage, swinging or “monogamish,” it seems like everyone’s talking about open relationships these days. But maintaining a healthy, happy, loving relationship is hard enough… how on earth is it possible to do it with more than one person?!

Nationally recognized open relationship coach Marcia Baczynski has worked with thousands of individuals and couples in these non-traditional relationships, and she has seen it all.

In this updated, FREE report, she reveals the 4 deadliest mistakes couples make when trying open relationships. You’ll discover…

  • 3 secret methods for managing jealousy that it often takes couples YEARS to learn on their own
  • The #1 conversation you MUST have before trying an “open relationship”
  • Why 1950’s-style dating is crucial to successful non-monogamy
  • And 4 things you can do RIGHT NOW¬†that will improve your existing relationship¬†even if you never open it up

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